About Steve

Hi. If you’re reading this, its because you clicked a tab that says “about me”. Now I suppose you’re looking to read something really great or interesting.  I’m going to have to tell you….I’m a better photographer than a writer!

My dad gave me my first camera when I was 17.  It was a Pentax K1000.

He said, “Leave this dial on 60 and just move this ring until the light meter needle is in the middle.” That, my dear readers, is the extent of my formal training as a photographer. The next several years to follow…I just tried this or  that, found what worked and what didn’t (lots that didn’t) and learned from my non-working efforts (I like that phrase better than the word mistake). 

I was so excited when my buddy’s sister was getting married. They asked me to do the photographs!!! Whoo hoo! My first paid job!! I was so nervous, I must have changed my flash batteries 3 times before I took a single picture. I made sure the film was loaded just right. I was going through all the shots I was going to do in my head. I was ready!! Well…The photos turned out just fine! Not all were perfect but enough that the Bride and her mom were thrilled! The arrangement with the mother was…I was to let her know how much for the film and development costs and she would pay me that plus something for my efforts. Well folks…the film and processing was $129.00. I waited so eagerly as she made out a cheque for me. It’s a good thing I didn’t look at it when there were people around….the cheque was for $135.00. I made a whole $6.00 on my first wedding! Not to be disappointed…I ventured forward, now with over 400 weddings in my career (yes I make a little more than $6.00).

I also do a wide variety of photographic images as you will see when you visit my “galleries” pages. By the way…the true definition of the word photograph is “to paint with light,” so visit my galleries and see my light paintings.

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